Muud Living

muud living

muud is a Danish lifestyle brand, deeply rooted in the Scandinavian mindset. We design beautiful premium leather accessories made to last for many years. 

Your knitting deserves beautiful storage – when you´re at home and on the go. That’s why we have crafted a stylish collection to keep your essential knitting & crochet accessories safe. Every bag is equipped with stylish details and practical pockets to give you plenty of room for your accessories – making it easy to take your knitting projects with you wherever you go.

We founded muud in 2016, because we wanted to offer what the industry was missing: A quality accessory brand for skilled craftsmen – with the ambition to improve your crafting experience by focusing on the details and functionality of our products.

-Martin Kill, Co-Founder

About our leather

Our products are manufactured at our own factory in India through a Danish/Indian alliance. However, now and then, we buy from other business partners, and when that happens, we always pose the same demands as at own production facilities. Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is one of our key priorities. We therefore operate in accordance with local standards including working conditions, salary, and working hours. 

The leather used to produce our collections is sourced from cattle, which have roamed outdoors. Once the cattle have served their main purpose, they either die from natural causes or are sent for slaughter. The leather/skin is then put aside, allowing manufacturers like us to buy the beautiful by-product. 

When processing the skins, we only use premium materials. The dyestuff used at the tanneries are sourced from recognised suppliers and comply with REACH requirements. In addition, we test all materials regularly to ensure that no harmful substances are used.

Our main administration office is located in Denmark and has a local, Danish workforce.