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      9 products

      Leather accessories for needles and embroidery tools

      One of the joys of embroidery is choosing colours for your work. Lining up the colours and picking through them. Your inner child can be let loose, and you can mix and match colours in every imaginable way.


      At muud, we have made a wide range of accessories to help you store and organise your embroidery floss in various ways. Our accessories are made for storing all your essential embroidery tools. In some of our bigger accessories, there is space for needles, floss, sewing accessories and smaller tools. Our accessories are closed tightly with straps, zippers, or buttons to keep the tools in place.
      By keeping your tools in a box or case, you don’t risk your accessories getting lost in the bottom of your bag, if you bring them with you.

      We also have accessories for knitting and crocheting that you might find more fitting for storing your embroidery tools.